— 29.03.2017 Orthodox Easter
— 19.02.2017 St Valentine Day


— 19.02.2017 Menu

— «BeerFest» - is a mini-brewery! Try the excellent "live beer" brewed according to traditional technology of German beer makers. Try our best draught beer!

«BeerFest» is a beer restaurant and brewery in the most popular city of Thailand - Pattaya. Combining simplicity and sophistication of the interior it became a place where people of different ages, nationalities and social status feel very comfortable.

 «BeerFest» offers you most popular dishes of European, Thai and Russian cuisine. Here you can taste smoked sausages, made in our own mini-smokehouse, pork shin in German style, delicious steaks, grilled salmon and kebab made before your eyes, traditional Russian cold soup and bortch, somtam and seafood with Thai herbs.

«BeerFest» - is only one place in Pattaya where everybody could see how to make beer and taste our lager, stout and bitter beer. Just visit us! And from this moment you will no longer worry about where to dine, to enjoy homemade beer

At the same time «BeerFest» - is a small bakery  We make fresh bread everyday Our malt&rye and wheat bread a baked brown and white bread. Has a wonderful flavor, texture and aroma



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