— Wheat Beer in Pattaya

It is considered that #Wheatbeer - the best summer drink. It is perfectly quenches thirst in hot weather. Although winter is also quite nice to freshen up after drinking a glass of wheat beer. This drink copious foam and very strong, slightly perfumed aroma with notes of oranfes and lemon . Beautiful varieties of beer brewed in Austria and southern Germany - Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where it is called Weizenbier (wheat) or Weissbier (white). Unique beer called Goze (Gose) and brew in the town of Goslar on the river Gose, in Lower Saxony. The taste is tart and refreshing. In the recent time, this beer gut a great popularity. And not without a reason, it should be noted Berliner Weisse (Berlin white), which for the refinement of taste compared with sparkling wines, particularly with champagne.

And in Thailand you could quench your daily thirst with a mug of cold fresh wheat beer in restaurants & brewery BeerfestPattaya


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