— Unknown facts about beer!

- During the perestroika years, some Russian beer drinkers used an intimate products - condoms, which were issued in the USSR without silicone grease and extraneous additives - not on purpose, but ... for the transport of beer. It happened on what one knows where narveshsya on beer from glass jars to hang awkward, but "it" - always at hand. In the domestic firm "capacity" was to ... to 3 liters of beer.

- In China, in 1950 there were only 8 breweries, and by 1995 they became 800, and they made 120 million. gekalitrov beer.

- In Honduras, live not only traffickers, but there and brew beer. and since 1955 Canvas brews beer in Honduras in strict accordance with German law "On the purity of beer."

- In Bavaria, beer to drink out of liter mugs instead of half-liter, as in the rest of the world.

- According to statistics, the average Austrian drinks each year in 31 liters of juices, soft drinks 70 liters and 116 liters of beer.

- Not so long ago the press reported the case of the curious student of the University Oksfordovskogo Bouderom Tom, who asked during the exam, referring to the ancient law, a mug of beer. As in England the tradition is honored, and the ancient laws are extremely reluctant to cancel, he got his longed-for beer, but then he was fined for breach of other equally ancient law, under which students must attend the exam with swords.

- Four thousand years ago in Babylon was a great tradition in the first month after the wedding, the bride's father arranged the bridegroom "Beer Month." This meant that the groom could have a month to drink beer as he pleases by-law.

- In the Polish city of Gdansk, there is a "beer bell." With his permission, was allowed before opening pubs in the city.

An effective way to expel the proposed site visitors zasidevshihsya owner of a small restaurant in the West German city of Luebeck. Exactly 22 hours is automatically included a special device, which contains all the tables and chairs began to pour rain so strong that even the most avid amateur beer will not stay a minute.

- In the 16th century in the Czech town of Trutnov set the clock on the city gates. Two hours with a strong sound of reported end time visiting pubs, who would not listen, of fines. If you have not heard a lover of beer and the second ring, the referee could stop him visiting pubs for a year.

- Three of the English city of Brewer Burton-on-Trent have chosen a great old barrel tighter, fitted to it a small motor and safely crossed the English Channel to the coast of France and back.

- In the Dutch countryside can often be going to meet a mailbox in the form of a beer barrel.

- Bzhegsky containerboard plant in Poland, built on the lake for their employees Diogenes town, the houses which are made from old oak barrels.


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