— Super Strong beer

Fans of the original spirits can rejoice - the free market came superkrepkoe beer, which by degrees can compete with the whiskey and talking about beer vodkoy.Rech Sink The Bismarck 41% strength, produced by Scottish brewer BrewDog. The price issue - £ 55 for a bottle of 330 ml volume. This drink is several times the normal strength beer.

Sink The Bismarck is recommended to drink in small doses - because it is so strong that one drink will lead to the fact that the blood alcohol content exceeds the allowable rate by law for drivers. Therefore, a bottle equipped with a screw cap, so you can make a sip and then close the container.

The text on the bottle Sink The Bismarck warned: "This is a very strong beer, it should sip and enjoy them like an aristocrat, an excellent taste of whiskey. This beer can be compared to Frank Zappa album or visit the best, but a restless spirit. "

This beer began selling around the world - it can be found in pubs and shops in England (Birmingham) and New Zealand (Wellington). According to the owners of establishments, all of them have already sold a few bottles of Sink The Bismarck.

Recall that the company BrewDog has already produced several varieties of very strong beer, and Sink The Bismarck - not the most powerful among them. For example, last year, Scottish brewers have released Pale Ale The End of the History. As already mentioned DrinkTime, this beer contains increased too much alcohol - 55% and is worth 765 dollars per bottle.

Recall that the Scottish Brewers also released Tactical Nuclear Penguin strength 32 turns. However, the sale of strong beer against the backdrop of the British government to combat the abuse of alcohol - pubs and clubs which promote abundant drink suggestions like "Alcohol in any quantity over 10 pounds" or "for girls up to 25 drinks for free," can pay big fines and their owners are put behind bars.

The fact that manufacturers and sellers of strong beer provoke alcohol abuse, they are accused of representatives of the Scottish Association of Voluntary fighters for the culture of alcohol consumption. A member of the organization Jack Lo said that the issue of special strong beer - a cynical marketing ploy that encourages immoderate libations. "We want to know why companies make beer, the fortress similar to whiskey?" - Says sales of strong beer on. However that does not increase the number of alcoholics and that their product is not intended for young people, only mature men, experienced connoisseurs of alcohol For example, doctors and lawyers, who will relish such drinks as a good whiskey.


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