— Live beer!

Living beer ... What kind of beer? How do I retrieve it? How to distinguish it from regular beer?

First, by age. If the shelf life of beer more than one week, this beer is no life ... or almost none. The longer - the less of life. The life of a living (not proc-ous) of beer depends largely on how it is stored. In a mug, beer significantly changing its taste after an hour, the bottle stoppered with a cork - stored for 3-4 days, and if it is put in the refrigerator and do not stir - can stand a week.

Secondly, the external data. Classic live unfiltered nepasterizo-bathing beer poured into the glass, looks as if a glass slightly fogged.To the light it sparkles and plays. Has a rich amber color with a golden sheen. The bubbles break away from the bottom of the glass and drunken dance rise to the surface continuously for 20-30 minutes. This suggests that carbon dioxide is completely dissolved in the beer, that is, that was saturated with carbon dioxide drink in the fermentation process. Beer cap - 3-7 cm, snow-white, dense, without large bubbles. Must hold at least 5-7 minutes. When breath shall scatter or bend, and do not in any way to disappear!

Third, to taste! Taste criteria, unlike the two preceding paragraphs, the highly individual and subjective. And then, how can you compare the taste of fresh juice and juice packages. It's safe to say one thing - when you live rasprobuete beer, long time no one can persuade you to drink bottled or ordinary pasteurized draft beer.


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