— From which to drink beer?

Our language is the so-called taste buds, which, in fact, can get a taste. Papillae are - different, and each of their group feels is just one of any flavor. The sweet taste can be felt only the tip of the tongue. Papillae, located on the sides and bottom of the language, fix the sour taste. Salty taste is caught only the edges of language, and bitter - the back part of the language and only during swallowing.

When we drink beer from the bottle the bottle, beer does not get all the taste buds and taste of this drink, we feel incomplete. This taste of beer can be felt just trying it out of mugs.

This compares with the audio recording, when the same song on an audio tape sounds much worse than on the CD. That is why in countries with high culture and the brewing of beer consumption, the majority of beer sold on tap and about one-third of all beer brewed bottled. But this third is consumed mainly in mugs.

In various European countries continue to drink and drank beer from a variety of living blood vessels. The ancient Germans, for example, beer mugs made from the skulls of enemies killed in battle. Subsequent generations have developed a more humane form of beer drinking. In Eastern Europe began to make circles out of wood, in the Czech Republic - Ceramic, France - Glass in Germany - the metal. In the XVIII century the beer vessels of porcelain. Met and such exotic items like mugs made of leather and stone.

Modern experts recommend drinking glasses and cups made of glass, porcelain, ceramics and wood. All these are natural materials that do not "enrich" their content of chemical impurities. It is undesirable to drink beer out of a living metal or plastic utensils.

The perfect vessel for beer consumption is narrowed to the top and contains not less than half a liter of beverage. Properly pour living beer with a height of 2.5 cm from the edge of the vessel in the center cup or glass. Filling, pause, waiting for the thickening of the foam, and fill until the level reaches 3 / 4 cup.

Glassware best to just rinse with water, and if they wash, the only liquid detergents. Dry the glasses and mugs to the lattice and in any case not wipe. Professionals advise to slightly cool the dishes before you pour it into a living beer.


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