— The main differences of draft beer from the bottle alive

Favorite invigorating amber beverage - beer is not only a technology of preparation, formulation, and method of delivery to the consumer. So, we all know that beer can be bottled beer and. Each of them has its fans who say that their beer is better. 


The main difference of these two types of beer are:

* A living beer, under no circumstances is not subject to special heat treatment (pasteurization), which is able to increase its shelf life, reducing the concentration of nutrients in the product, and depriving him completely of mineral yeast bacteria;
* Bottled beer is most often performed with the addition of wheat malt, draft always made from barley malt;
* Draught beer contains living in times fewer preservatives, while now living beer does not contain them all;
* Crystal clarity of bottled beer and a complete lack of sediment is not a sign of exquisite taste;
* Even if the filtered bottled beer, it does not mean that it retains all the useful elements and properties.


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