— The Tale of beer

Life begins at the threshold of reality. When you drink beer, you reach this threshold and crosses slowly, sometimes not noticing the important moment when you're ready to fly, but has not yet become clear. It is a state of weightlessness, polurealnosti, polumechty.Able to reach such a state of yoga. Simple as this people only dream of. Dreamed of ... Long time. When the beer was not.

And people are looking for a method of making a magic potion that will help you to find a long-awaited freedom. It was supposed to be pleasant to the taste, appearance, and most importantly - it must give freedom. They searched for him as a panacea, as the Philosopher's Stone. It took hundreds of years and millions of lives. Connect the unconnected, cooked it, which in principle do not need to cook, adding an unusual, tasteless and just inedible. And it is not found.

Despair comes uninvited, even more than you need. A man who with his friends looking for the magic of liberty, his father died. In desperation, the young man decided to quit his job and in memory of his father to continue his undertaking. My father cooked bitter drink clear dark yellow color, which is willing to buy and drink neighbors. So he made his living. So decided to make a living and a son.

But true friends are in trouble do not give up. And one day we all gathered again. They sat around the table, the owner brought a large cup, topped with fluffy white foam, and invited to try a drink of his father. The men drank, reminisced and told stories: funny and sad, about yourself and about your friends, acquaintances and just about people, the owner told me about his father and brought more and more circles with a drink.

Was daylight outside. A light mist turned the heads of friends. And the soul of each was easy, nice and mysterious. The thought came to a head all at once. The question sounded like an explosion, "What are we looking for?" There was only to give the drink a name. Friends lay down the first letters of their names - has turned the word "beer". The name everybody liked, and his friends with beer recipe dispersed in different directions, to give freedom to everyone who seeks it.


Beerfest in the world