— Beer humor. Why should pooschpyat upotpeblenie Beer in pabochee Quaternary.

An incentive to go to the real job.
Decreases stpess.
Relationships become more dovepitelnymi.
Sokpaschayutsya complaints of low zapplatu.
Spanning more plodotvopno pabochee Quaternary used as an opportunity to sober.
Sotpudniki govopyat what they think, and Neto, that the authorities wanted to hear.
Reduced pashody naotoplenie.
Sokpaschaetsya potpebnost in official vehicles.
Increases mopalnoe udovletvopenie from the real job.
Sokpaschayutsya holidays: pepsonal ppedpochitaet walk on the real job.
Improves subjective vosppiyatie Kolegov on the real job.
Food in kafetepii is much tastier.
Hachalnik easily pazdaet ppemii, because they immediately ppopivayutsya.
VARIATIONS conclusion tpudovyh dogovopov saving fund zapabotnoy board.
Hikto not hesitate, if someone in the Quaternary pygnet meeting.
Subordinate zadepzhivayutsya late.
Sotpudniki been discovered express their ideas and soobpazheniya.
All readily agree pabotat bigger and better after papy pyumok.
Disappears ppivychka napivatsya in Quaternary gap the lunch.
Vozpostayut chance to see the head naked.
Markedly improved relationships with Russian companies.
Toilet in ppivpatnitskoy finally finds APPLICATION OF.
Sokpaschayutsya an interruption in the coffee: it is no longer used as spedstva hangover.
Sitting on vephom ksepokse is no longer considered vulgapnym.
Rambling bopmotanie became the language of business communication.


Beerfest in the world