— About dark beer

Dark beer - low-alcohol beverage that is produced alcoholic fermentation of barley malt, hops and water.

The color of beer depends on the degree of roast malt and the amount of dark malt used in brewing.
For the preparation of dark beer uses dark or caramel malt.
The darker malts are not used independently without light varieties as for frying lose enzymes that are necessary for zasaharivaniya wort.

Dark beers are characterized by moderate hop bitterness and malt flavor.
Classification of beer to match the color spread in Russia and some European countries such as Spain. There is no clear comparison of the color of beer to the classification by the method of fermentation. Dark beer can be as ale, lager and.

Species and varieties of dark beer.

El - golden-brown beers top fermentation, which are produced only in Britain and Belgium.
Porter - a dark strong beer with an average density. Initially, Porter was a mixture of three types of beer: ale, old, very weak and strong beer, not quite ripe fresh beer. Porter today - dark, sweet bottom-fermenting lager.
Stout - beer fermented, brewed with hops, a very dark color. Stout has a high viscosity and strong flavor roasted malt well. Stout is divided into bitter and sweet varieties.
The March beer - a dark beer made from malt, roasted badly. The March beer longer ripens and is characterized by viscosity and a higher alcohol content than other beers.


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