— Beer humor. Why Beer is Better than religion?

Why Beer is Better than religion?

1. Hikto did not kill anyone because he does not drink beer.
2. Drinking beer does not impose a vow of celibacy.
3. Hikogda use different types of beer are not served the cause of war.
4. Hikto not forced to drink beer force children who are not in a position to decide whether to drink beer.
5. Even changing the brand of beer consumed, you will not betray the fact no one.
6. Hikogo never tortured, not burned at the stake or stoned to death for what he is drinking beer then do not.
7. Do not need to wait for two millennia in order to repeat the order.
8. Haduvatelstvo when selling beer is punishable by law.
9. You can easily prove that indeed drink beer.
10. If you are completely linked his life with beer drinking, temperance society will help you get back to normal life.


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