— Pizza "Four Seasons" or get what you want

As a result of this year's survey, about 80% of Internet users have named their favorite  food - pizza.
As we know, there are more than two hundred kinds of pizza, but the chefs imagination has no limits, and more and more new recipes are made, at the same times, brings new colours and taste of different nations sometimes very exotic.
Thus, the popular Japanese pizza "okonomiyaki," which is the basic recipe that serves all the additives, "you taste" - any seafood and vegetables, but, more importantly, above all it should be sprinkled with shavings of dry tuna, which moves from a breath of hot pizza.
The variety of recipes pizza forced the Italian government to determine the criteria for "real pizza" and enter a mark of quality pizza - DOC
The list of criteria in the first place there is a way to prepare the dough- use only the hands to spin and stretch without the  a rolling pin. This pizza is baked only on the wood stove at a temperature of 200-215 degrees.
That is why classic way of making traditional Italian pizza makes it the most popular food in the world.

For example,  favorite pizza "Four Seasons" is famous from 1660 
The origin of pizza "Four Seasons"is  from Naples, where cooker  lived  who baked delicious pizzas  famous throughout the city.
Once he got the idea to bring in a pizza  very different components. Cook has selected four of their favorite products, which are the mushrooms, tomatoes, artishok and ham.
But then came out  the problem of how to put on a different layer of the ingredients. But a brilliant idea of chef saved the situation, he decided to  divide the pizza into four sections and put the various components of the products separately.

Summer symbolized by  "salami", winter - mushrooms,  tomatoes-fall and spring  - artishoks. On top of this pizza, sprinkled with herbs and cheese "Mozzarella".

Pizza  "Four Seasons" from the  Neapolitan oven could be enjoyed in the restaurant-brewery «BeerFest» -  220bat!


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