— American traditional food: Hawaiian pizza

One of the most popular pizzas is  "Hawaiian" which taste takes our imaginations to the ocean coast of Hawaii. 

As we know pizza came from Italy, but today the United States strongly  associated with pizza. A Hawaiian pizza, a variety of American type of pizza: includes, besides the traditional sauce and cheese "Mozzarella", ham and pineapple.

 Ham, by the way, is a hallmark of American pizza, because Italian do not add it. But if you come to Hawaii, it would be not easy to find this pizza there.

Hawaiian pizza has an interesting feature, in Hawaii, it almost does not occur. Pineapple fruits are symbol of sun, so their presence in the composition evokes thoughts of warm sunny coast.

And in the United States, the warmest place where all people aspire, is the Hawaiian Islands. Rather, it is the right marketing approach chef who invented this recipe and used the name of the islands to name a culinary masterpiece.

Well, if you have never been to Hawaii, the Hawaiian pizza  can quickly move back  your imagination. Hawaiian pizza - it's a treat that's worth a try at least once in  life.

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