— Pig hooves-delicious delicacy!

Many people underestimate the so-called by-products, although this is controversial, and the thing is relative.

But let's not argue and do some normal pork legs, forming (as food) in the mandatory menu of so many pubs and taverns in Europe.

Pig hooves or pigs' feet, are rich in collagen, fat content is lower than in fatty meat, but they have no cholesterol.

Collagen in the cooking process, he turns to gelatin.

In the spatial structure of the gelatin mesh, it can contain lots of water, increases the biological metabolism in cells, effectively improves the biological function of muscles and the accumulation of water in the cells of epithelial tissue, helps cells to obtain moisture, retains moisture, prevents overdrying of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles, skin prolongs youth .

Therefore, pig hooves are called "cosmetic product" and "delicious delicacy, like a bear's paw."

In Pattaya, pork hooves can be enjoyed in the restaurant-brewery "BeerFest" - price 100 baht!


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