— Do you know that the beer yeast was invented by brewers ?

Do you know that the beer yeast was invented by brewers? And that's how it happened. Until the second half of the 19th century, brewers mixed malt with water, heated, cleaned husks, boiled and cooled. After that brewers must leave alone to ferment it. And why not? On this question the Brewers was no answer. In 1861, French chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur proved that the cause of fermentation is special microorganisms. For the discovery of Pasteur's first grabbed by Emil Hansen, Laboratory of Carlsberg. In 1881, he received the world's first pure culture of brewer's yeast. They named their yeast as  Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis. Hansen offered to sell the yeast, but Jacobsen, owner of "Carlsberg", said that the opening of the laboratory belongs to the world. He sent a free brewers yeast culture across European breweries. Prior to the experiments of Hansen brewers brewed mainly top fermented beer (ale), with the opening of Hansen started a new era in brewing: arrived industrial technologies that use refrigeration equipment, and lager - beer-fermenting - conquered the world. Microbrewery BEERFEST produces three types of lager – Light LAGER, Amber, Dark Beer and top fermentation beer -Wheat beer . In our production we use only a live culture of yeast grown in our laboratory. Proper storage and sanitary conditions of production can save a live culture of yeast in beer for a long time. Our wheat beer is especially saturated by yeast ... from what has light golden color to white. This beer is good for health and quenches thirst.


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