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— 21.03.2015 Wheat Beer in Pattaya

— 08.12.2014 Is beer a good thirst-quencher?

Is beer a good thirst-quencher?

— 01.12.2014 Skills of craft beer tasting

Skills of craft beer tasting

— 02.07.2014 Can WE get a beer in space?

Beer is a drink of millions! This is probably the most popular drink on Earth. Is it possible to brew out of our planet... ?

— 10.07.2013 Do you know that the beer yeast was invented by brewers ?

Do you know that the beer yeast was invented by brewers? And that's how it happened. Until the second half of the 19th century, brewers mixed malt with water, heated, cleaned husks, boiled and cooled. After that brewers must leave alone to ferment it. And why not? On this question the Brewers was no answer.

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— 11.08.2012 Pizza "Four Seasons" or get what you want

Pizza "Four Seasons" or get what you want

— 06.08.2012 American traditional food: Hawaiian pizza

American traditional food: Hawaiian pizza

— 08.07.2012 British Classic Food: Chicken Tikka Massala

British Classic Food: Chicken Tikka Massala

— 06.07.2012 Thai traditional food: rice in pineapple with shrimp and chicken

Thai traditional food: rice in pineapple with shrimp and chicken

— 27.06.2012 Italian traditional food: Pasta alla carbonara

Italian traditional food: Pasta alla carbonara

— 21.06.2012 American traditional food: Caesar salad

American traditional food: Caesar salad

— 18.06.2012 Russian traditional food: cold soup okroshka

Russian traditional food: cold soup okroshka

— 15.06.2012 Russian traditional food: dumplings

Russian traditional food: dumplings

— 04.06.2012 Pig hooves-delicious delicacy!

Pig hooves-delicious delicacy!

— 27.05.2012 Fabulous coconut soup

Fabulous coconut soup

— 13.05.2012 Who invented the borshch?

Who invented the borshch?

— 10.05.2012 Beer myths

Beer myths

— 05.05.2012 How to drink beer

How to drink beer

— 25.04.2012 The German beer history

The art of brewing is as old as civilization. Between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago, some humans discontinued their nomadic hunting and gathering and settled down to farm. Grain was the first domesticated crop that started that farming process.

— 23.04.2012 A History of Beer

What about the beer trade?

— 29.11.2011 What is a wheat beer?

In the distant Middle Ages, the Germanic tribes began to brew ale, which was noticeably lighter than usual. Reason: The Brewers used the ingredients that were in abundance. Wheat, along with barley was one of those ingredients, and mixing of the two grasses created a new brand of beer - Weissbier.

— 21.11.2011 The main differences of draft beer from the bottle alive

Favorite invigorating amber beverage - beer is not only a technology of preparation, formulation, and method of delivery to the consumer. So, we all know that beer can be bottled beer and. Each of them has its fans who say that their beer is better.

— 16.11.2011 Beer Revolution: daily bread, or "it's time to have fun?"

Long before the advent of radiocarbon dating and similar methods, the first serious archaeologists divided the prehistory of the Old World to the stone, bronze and iron age. The Stone Age, in turn, was divided into the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age), Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) and Neolithic (New Stone Age).

— 12.11.2011 From which to drink beer?

Our language is the so-called taste buds, which, in fact, can get a taste. Papillae are - different, and each of their group feels is just one of any flavor. The sweet taste can be felt only the tip of the tongue. Papillae, located on the sides and bottom of the language, fix the sour taste. Salty taste is caught only the edges of language, and bitter - the back part of the language and only during swallowing.

— 06.11.2011 Dark beer is a living

Dark beer alive - low-alcohol beverage that is produced alcoholic fermentation of barley malt, hops and water.

— 02.11.2011 Recipes to live beer

Living beer - one of the nicest and oldest pleasures in life. To live beer tasting requires only three components: eyes, nose and palate. Eyes appreciate the color and transparency pennost, nose detects the scent of beer, and the sky enjoys his taste.

— 31.10.2011 Beer humor. Why Beer is Better than religion?

1. Hikto did not kill anyone because he does not drink beer. 2. Drinking beer does not impose a vow of celibacy. 3. Hikogda use different types of beer are not served the cause of war....

— 26.10.2011 History of Beer in Russia

In Russia, at one time could only drink beer, clergy, nobility, guardsmen and other servants of the sovereign. When Boris Godunov was forbidden to brew "mean and molodshim" people, but during the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich allowed to do this is the most hard-working peasants - and then only once or twice a year: Great day, Demetrius Saturday, the carnival and Christmas. Under Peter I came brewer, in which trade was "the tavern and take-out until one o'clock." Here there were officials, city solicitors and youth. The drivers and artisans sat in the beer shops. In 1914 he was adopted by the prohibition, but a couple of years all the "pubs" were closed...

— 21.10.2011 Living beer has anti-inflammatory action!

Living Beer, like red wine and green tea has anti-inflammatory effect, experts say Medical Center, University of Innsbruck.

— 13.10.2011 Live beer for hair

A great way to make hair shiny and soft - make a mask from a living beer.

— 13.10.2011 The healing properties of live beer

Therapeutic and cosmetic properties of live beer were seen in antiquity, in the medical treatises of the fifteenth century can be found mention of the fact that the tenderness and softness of the skin on the chest and face attached to beer foam. It is known that Queen Louise, who was rather flat-managed to achieve splendor of a bust, following the advice of physicians - "to drink beer after meals, three times a day thoroughly massage the chest with a beer."

— 13.10.2011 Live beer: class preparation technology and the benefits from it

As you know, beer is produced from grain raw materials - malt (barley processed product), and hops - with special brewer's yeast. Because of the complex chemical composition (content of protein and minerals, carbohydrates, organic and amino acids, enzymes and vitamins) beer - perishable product.

— 11.10.2011 Beer humor. Why should pooschpyat upotpeblenie Beer in pabochee Quaternary.

An incentive to go to the real job. Decreases stpess. Relationships become more dovepitelnymi ....

— 11.10.2011 Unknown facts about beer!

13 unknown facts about beer!

— 11.10.2011 Beer belly - is a myth!

The people acting stomach is still called "beer belly", although consumers of beer, if moderate consumption is actually less susceptible to "beer belly". This is demonstrated by recent research. Reasons for body fat lie elsewhere: in smoking, lack of exercise and a tendency to eat junk food. According to Astrup, "it would be more correct to speak of the stomach smoker than a beer belly."

— 11.10.2011 The Tale of beer

Life begins at the threshold of reality. When you drink beer, you reach this threshold and crosses slowly, sometimes not noticing the important moment when you're ready to fly, but has not yet become clear. It is a state of weightlessness, polurealnosti, polumechty. Able to reach such a state of yoga. Simple as this people only dream of. Dreamed of ... Long time. When the beer was not.

— 11.10.2011 Super Strong beer

Fans of the original spirits can rejoice - the free market came superkrepkoe beer, which by degrees can compete with the whiskey and talking about beer vodkoy.Rech Sink The Bismarck 41% strength, produced by Scottish brewer BrewDog. The price issue - £ 55 for a bottle of 330 ml volume. This drink is several times the normal strength beer.

— 11.10.2011 German beer will be the intangible heritage of UNESCO

A few days ago the German brewers' association, whose members include not only the best pipovary Germany, but also members of parliament, filed an application on behalf of the Government the organization of UNESCO with a proposal to introduce this product in a national registry of World Intangible Heritage.

— 11.10.2011 Без женщин не было бы и пива?!

Как утверждаюет историк Джейн Пейтон, именно женщины придумали и сварили первыми пиво, и тысячи лет сложный процесс пивоварение доверяли только им. Почти 7 тысяч лет назад, в Месопатамии и Сумерии только женщины могли производить пиво. И практически во всех древних обществах пиво было подарком Богиня, но не даром Бога.

— 11.10.2011 About dark beer

Dark beer - low-alcohol beverage that is produced alcoholic fermentation of barley malt, hops and water. The color of beer depends on the degree of roast malt and the amount of dark malt used in brewing.


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