— Beerfest Beer Festival 2012

Beerfest Beer Festival 2012
Second time successfully Beer Festival in Pattaya on the restaurant-brewery Birfest. Festeval gathered guests from around the world the United States, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, Thailand, India ....
The festival was a record - "the longest sausage in Asia." The restaurant cooks Birfest was made sausage length of 71 meters, to fix a record helped the guests of honor of the festival, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, Mr. Rattanak Ekosingh pressy and representatives of the city of Pattaya. Sausage was not only the longest, but also delicious in what could convince the guests of the festival, everyone got a piece.
Not without surprise, the restaurant Birfest gave all guests a 50% discount on all its beer brewery, and this wheat beer, classic barley malt, caramel and dark Amber Stout.
Two evenings of November 24 and 25 Festival guests entertained BEERFEST artists show Doctor Penguin - clown-balunmeyker Carlo mimes Loop, dwarf actor Mr. Tom and Mr. Thor. Competitive program conducted our charming Frau Marta, which is remembered among the first beer festival 2011.
Hooray festival! Thank you to all the guests who were with us two nights! Until we meet on festevale Beer Beerfest 2013!


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