— Beer and girls?

Some people believe that the most avid beer lovers in the world are men, but as the statistics - this is not true.

Beer and women - have started their friendship is still very long. It is known that before - a woman who drinks beer alive - incorporates all of his strength and powerful and male hormones, so that it is possible to have healthy and strong children. According to some ancient folk beliefs considered that a woman living beer-drinking - most likely to give birth to a boy.

However, as evidenced by Canadian scientists, in their estimates, more than 43% of women - drink beer weekly, 28% - pay attention to such "pleasure" of approaches about 2-4 per week, and only 3% of the fair sex - consume this drink daily. Thus, we can say that the girls may soon catch up with boys in their passion for intoxicating drinks, and so will stand in line for hops.

Almost all the authors of old books about beer is recommended to drink beer, even living to nursing mothers and infants are seriously arguing that the mother's milk after living beer - the most suitable food for children.

Of course living beer is not a panacea, but certain medicinal properties, it certainly has. Overall effect: living beer accelerates the body's metabolism, rejuvenates the cells. Experience has shown that people who regularly consume beer (it should be emphasized - in moderation), age more slowly than those who do not drink beer. Gerontologists say that 1-2 cups of beer in the living day slows the aging process.

Living beer displays the body of carcinogens and reduces the risk of cancer.Studies of Japanese scientists have shown that regular consumption of beer is capable of living to reduce the risk of disease by 2-3 times. Maybe that's why, in the last decade living in Japan, beer became the national drink.

In addition, it is absolutely certain that living beer displays the body of an aluminum salt, and no other liquid can not do.

And most importantly, live beer-light tranquilizer natural origin. Now I understand why calmness and equanimity Germans entered the saying? Living beer has a sedative, ie, a sedative and hypnotic effect due to the presence of hops in it.True, there is a living beer one drawback - it is low in calories. Yes, yes. Less is only in mineral water, tea and coffee. And this stone in the garden of those who claim that otzhivogo beer fat. Just living beer stimulates the appetite, and, as you know, a good appetite - a sign of good health!


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