— Oktoberfest from 22 to 28 October!

 Dear customers and guests, 

We are glad to announce that from 22 to 28 October in the brewery-restaurant "Beerfest" will be held a week of Oktoberfest. Beer lovers can enjoy our fresh cold beer in  hot Pattaya with the promotion "Buy one LAGER beer (mug, glass, liter)  get one FREE."  We  invite everybody to play Beer Bingo and Big Beer Pingpong for the grand prize - a certificate for  20 liters of  any beer Beerfest.

25/10/2012 19:00 First round of Beer Bingo

Participants  buy bingo tickets for 20 baht. ticket is a card with 25 blocks of numbers. Lead announces a game and take out balls with numbers from the bag , the  participant must strike out announced numbers at the card .. the one who has all five  numbers vertically or horizontally screams loudly BINGO - he won and was awarded the prize certificate for 15 liters of any beer Beerfest

26/10/2012 19:00-21:00 BEER Pingpong

Those interested are divided into two teams of 2, 5  7 people. There are a long table at each end of it exposed cups of beer and a glass of water, and one ball for Pingpong, participants must one by one throw the ball into the opposing team's cup ..... If the ball hit the glass of beer , so  the loser must drink it .... the winner is the team which has stayed with beer cups.  Also can play beer checkers ..... the principle is the same as in conventional checkers .. but instead of checkers use cups of beer, which should be drank by winner.

27/10/2012 19:30-21:00 BIG Beer BINGO

19:30 second round for the prize of 6 liters of beer

20:00 third round for the prize of 15 liters of beer

21:00 the fourth round for the prize of 20 liters of beer

Good  luck!


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