— Can WE get a beer in space?

Beer is a drink of millions! This is probably the most popular drink on Earth. Is it possible to brew out of our planet... ? Among the various experiments makin on Internationalspace station will be held one concerning the possibility of brewing in weightlessness. This unusual topic was proposed American 11 -year-old schoolboy Michal Bodzianovski that lit the issue after his father read a joke in one of the social networks. He jokingly talked on , what would be microbreweries in Earth orbit. So with unusual question Michal won the competition organized by the National Centre for Science in the earth and space . It is planned that this brewing as the ISS does not happen, and will be obtained from a mixture of water, malt, hops and the yeast . This mixture was placed in a silicone container measuring just 15 cm. As described , the purpose of the experiment will be monitored for the possible reaction of yeast under conditions of weightlessness. It is also planned to consider the actual course of the fermentation process. It is known that if the reaction does not occur, the astronauts will try to find a solution - another way to make beer in space, which , of course, it would be special. And do not you dream to try beer out of this world ?)


Beerfest in the world