— Beer BINGO December 25, 2013!

BEERFEST again invites everyone to play Beer Bingo!
December 25, 2013 at a restaurant on the second street Birfest at 19:00 beginning of the first round for the prize - a certificate for 6 liters of beer every Birfest , 20:00 - the second round for the prize - a certificate for 15 liters of beer Birfest .

 Rules of the game : participants receive a ticket with five by five cells , each cell has a number from 1 to 76 . When the number in the cell coincides with the party's ticket number is called the master , then this number should be deleted . When the ticket to delete all the numbers in the same row horizontally or vertically , this ticket wins and the participant must loudly shout BINGO .

Good luck to everyone !


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