— Who does not love to eat?

One of the most common food lovers beer cuisine is pork knuckle.Pork leg - it's a huge piece of pork leg, roasted from all sides and seducing his crisp! This immense fried drumstick, barely fit on the plate. The Germans have a good appetite, and German cuisine will bring a lot of fun lovers a tasty meal.

Shank is so delicious, the recipe of cooking sold far beyond Germany, having undergone various changes in different countries. For example, for the preparation of the Austrian version of this dish, called Stelze, as a rule, first shank marinated or boiled in brine of cumin and garlic, then fried until crisp and served with mustard, horseradish and pickled chillies. A similar dish is in the kitchen and Latin America, where roast pork leg called «pernil», in Poland are preparing "Golonka", and in the Czech Republic - the famous "Vepreva knee!"

Fried skin tastes like bacon. Germans love to have a shank with beer, not for nothing that it is a constant attribute of Oktoberfest! On the "eating" one shank you leave a couple of beers. every bite of this miracle brings real happiness

There are many recipes for pork shank. Even the Germans do not follow what that one recipe, but prefer of editable and improve it.The restaurant presents a classic recipe Beerfest "knuckle German-style, cooked in beer and" crispy knuckle "which fry over high heat for a delicious crispy crust, All dishes are always served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. This is a very large portion, and can zakazt a double. Well, as without cold fresh beer that is best suited as a beverage under the dish!

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